Tomey, Cecil, Foles Interviewed for “Territorial”

Updated: February 19, 2013
arizona wildcats stadium

Here’s a condensed list of some players and coaches who were interviewed for “Territorial,” the upcoming book on the history of the football rivalry between Arizona and Arizona State:

(Click here for a list of top ASU players and coaches who were quoted for the book.)


-Jim LaRue

-Dick Tomey

-Jim Young

-Mike Stoops

-Rich Rodriguez


-Art Luppino

-Chuck Cecil

-Ricky Hunley

-LaMonte Hunley

-Dan White

-Keith Smith

-Eddie Wilson

-Byron Evans

-Max Zendejas

-Richard Dice

-Heath Bray

-Jay Dobyns

-Clarence Farmer

-Willie Tuitama

-Nick Foles

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  1. Val Bichekas

    June 12, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    I would have loved to share with you the importance of a kid who grew up in tempe whos dad wanted his only son to play for frank kush. By the time Ihe is qualified to be told by daryl rodgers that he doesnt think I’m good enough to play there to then except a scharlorship from larry smith and become a wildcat and enjoy a career of undefeted domination and graduate with a 4-0 record over tempe normal taste just as sweet at 48 as it did at 21
    Wildcat pride then now and forever!

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